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Organisational Profile

About us

Horn Afrik News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) is non-partisan, non-profit, and non-governmental human rights organisation. HANAHR was established in late 2011, due to the necessity of a better and robust human rights advocacy, and the dire need to unify human rights defenders’ voices in the horn of africa region and beyond.

HANAHR is founded by award winning Human rights defenders (HRDs) e.g. lawyers, journalists and human rights activists in horn of africa region whose purpose is to better advocate and defend human rights.


Fostering a community that respects women human rights and that cherishes human rights as part of their cultural principles and the rule of law, and working towards peace and stability in the region, in order to bring a positive change in the horn of africa (HOA) region and beyond.


-Horn News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) Promotes, defends & advocates for Human Rights with women & children as top priority and other vulnerable groups, thereby, working with relevant stakeholders to promote, protect, observe and advocate for human rights for all through the rule of law.

-To protect and empower HRDs.

-HANAHR is committed to investigate, document and expose human rights violations in the HOA region and beyond.

-To monitor and raise awareness on issues regarding human rights e.g. injustice inflicted on the general public and human rights defenders.

-To spreads human rights education and promote peace. 

– Promotion of Environmental Rights and Protection of environmental rights defenders.

-HANAHR ensures that freedom is promoted in horn of africa region and beyond.

-To preserve and promote Civil and Political Rights as well as freedom of expression and speech; all in line with the universal declaration of human rights.

-To promote the free flow of information and knowledge.

Our Core Values

-Transparency & Integrity

-Objectivity  - Impartiality - 

--Responsibility & Accountability

-Practicing Human Rights Culture

-Neutrality and fairness

-Exercising professionalism & ethical code of conduct

-Commitment to justice, dignity, equality and solicitude. - Collaborative: We collaborate with local and international ORGANISATIONS to achieve the best outcome.

-Collaborative: We work with local NGOs and international NGOs in a spirit of partnership to achieve the best outcomes. -Global and Local: We combine global expertise and resources with local knowledge of needs and culture to maximize the impact of our work. -Empowerment: We aim to empower HRDS


We work with local and international & non-governmental organizations, civil
society organizations/institutions and all human rights stake holders.

Governance & Administraion