Somalia’s El Ali District Indigenous Community Leaders Call for Canada, USA & China to Return their Meteorite

Centuries old multi-million meteorite gets robbed in Somalia

An Urgent International Call by El Ali indigenous Nomad community Leaders for Canada, USA & China to immediately return the multi-million meteorite that was robbed from the Community by Al-shabab militias who overpowered the community that demonstrated some rebellion and resistance to protect the centuries old meteorite found in Eli Ali which was preserved by the community as a cultural icon for centuries. Many of the El Ali community members were killed in an armed confrontation where the El Ali community tried to prevent al-shabab from robbing their precious meteorite in early February 2020 and consequently many members of the community were arrested, some others were slaughtered by al-shabab militias, and several others remain unaccounted for, according to multiple local media sources and witnesses.

According to MP Dahir Amin Jesow: ”Al-shabab sold the meteorite for less than 300k USD”, this makes the meteorite a ”blood meteorite”. Now Albert University in Canada surprises the whole world that some parts of the meteorite went to Canada and Alberta university conducted some research on it, where they found two trace minerals where Elaliite is named after one of the two trace minerals found in the meteorite, because it was found in El Ali district, in Somalia. Herd named the second mineral after Lindy Elkins-Tanton, a distinguished planetary scientist. See the Alberta university statement  

It is also confirmed that some other parts of the robbed meteorite went to UCLA and Arizona State University in the USA.

Now Eli Ali community is calling for Canada, USA & China to return its meteorite and compensate for the victims who lost their loved ones in the defence of their meteorite that was robbed by al-shabab militias in early February 2020. Legal experts believe that it is very unlikely for China to return the meteorite or compensate the victims as it is not a state that respects the rule of law and human rights, unlike Canada and USA that are states that respect human rights and the rule of law and therefore will not accept blood meteorite to be on its land without legal settlement of the issue.

Source: El Ali Community

Eli Ali District is the Italian colony ex – military & police post in Hiiraan and Bakool Region of Somalia. Indigenous nomad community is inhabited and populated in El Ali District. This indigenous community herds camels traditionally.

Indigenous Nomad Community

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