Somalia: Leadership Award for WHRD.

Rarely women human rights defenders get attention for their advocacy for women human rights in Somalia which is considered to be one of the most hostile environments to a human rights defender and women.

The country is emerging from three decades long of armed conflicts and now is facing extremist insurgency challenge who believe should only stay at home and serve men and should never engage with social activities, let alone activism for women rights.

Fatwa Hassan is a middle aged women human rights defender and is an active member of the Coalition of Somali human rights defenders CSHRDS based in Mogadishu with many member organisations scattered in all over Somalia.

Fadwa Hassan

Fatwa’s leadership and courage in advocating for women human rights in Somalia is recognised by SIHANET & by CSHRDS and is awarded in early July 2021 in a ceremony held in hotel Giyajo in Mogadishu attended by many HRDs and signatories from the civil society and from the political spectrum.

Recognising the work of WHRDs like Fatwa and Nasra (a very young WHRD) who aggressively advocate for women human rights in Somalia where they are most undermined by traditional norms.

Sh. Abdirahman

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