Somalia: Launching Ceremony of the National Disability Agency.

13 July, 2021 – Somalia: The Ministry of Women & Human Rights Development launches the national disability agency in an official ceremony attended by different signatories, politicians, diplomats, and invited Human Rights Defenders HRDs from the coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDs. The minister of women & human rights development (Hanifa) was also there to oversea the launching ceremony of the national disability agency which is crucial in dealing with country’s disability rights and more inclusion for the disabled, because disability is not inability.

The ceremony brought together many stakeholders in the disability rights in order to witness the foundation of Somalia’s first disability agency that will work hard to ensure that the disabled get their full rights and enjoy inclusion.

Today was historical day, where Asad from the CSHRDS alongside with his colleagues participated in the national Disability agency launching event in Mogadishu. Senior HRDs from the Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDS who attended the ceremony and addressed attendees stressed the importance of inclusion for the disabled as part of recognizing the human rights and dignity.


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