Somalia: – (April 11, 2021)- Kismayo Becomes the Worst City to be Woman Human Rights Defender (WHRD).

Fartun & her daughter

Since 2020 many WHRDs were evacuated or relocated from kismayo and Fartun & her daughter were relocated from kismayo by the coalition of somali human rights defenders CSHRDS with the full support of urgent Action Fund Africa in April 11, 2021, due to the fact that insecurity and threats against WHRDs increased as a result of the political situation in Jubaland, Somalia and the traditional norms that consider WHRDs as against the traditional norms in the society, despite the fact that WHRDs are defending and advocating for women human rights in a society where sexual violence and rape are weaponized against women in order to silence them and force them to accept the reality that men are dominant and they are the only ones who can decide their future and rights.

Impunity and weak judicial system as well as political crisis in Somalia contributing to the increasing insecurity facing women human rights defenders working in southern regions of Somalia, where alshabab is waging extremist insurgency to undermine the on going efforts to rebuild Somalia state and governmental institutions destroyed by the long term civil war and armed conflict in the country. Human rights violations e.g. sexual violence against women, war crimes, crimes against humanity, extra judicial killings, summery killings, forced disappearances and mass displacements continue to occur without any accountability and responsibility for perpetrators…and the impunity continues to prevail. the question is can WHRDs strive in such hostile environment without the support and solidarity of the international community ?

Sh. Abdirahman

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