Somalia: Interview With the Family of a Slain Child Soldier

Abdkarim, the elder brother of Ayub

Interview With the Brother of Al-shabab recruited Child Soldier from Switzerland.

Horn Afrik News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) Interview with Abdikarim Moalim Abdullahi Jeyte (AMAJ)

Hanahr: What is your relationship to Ayub Moalim Jeyte ? Are you his biological brother  ?

AMAJ:Yes, I am related to him and  he is my biological younger brother.

Hanahr: When did he travel to Europe?

AMAJ: He traveled to Europe in 2008 via Libya.
Hanahr: What was his final destination or country and city in Europe  ?

AMAJ: Switzerland, Zurich

Hanahr: How old was he ?

AMAJ: At that time, he was more or less 14 yrs old.

Hanahr: Who brainwashed him and recruited him for alshabab as a child soldier? Do you know the recruiters in Switzerland e.g. Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi, Mahamud Jama Bile (Abu Sadam), Mahamed Khadar, Muhuyadiin etc ?

AMAJ: He was brainwashed and trained by Al-Shabaab operatives in Switzerland and I know the names you mentioned but I don’t want to go into the details further for security reasons.

 Hanahr: When and how did he return to Somalia ?

AMAJ: He returned to Somalia in early 2011 by flight from Switzerland to Somalia.

Hanahr: When and where was he killed in combat ?

AMAJ: He was killed in the same year in April 2011, in a combat against Burundian peace forces in Mogadishu, while fighting for al-shabab.

Hanahr: Did alshabab attack your father as a consequence of his open talk against alshabab recruiting his child (Ayub) ?

Hanahr: Yes, al-shabab tried to kill him but left him with serious injuries to which he later succumbed.

Hanahr: Have you ever asked Switzerland to prosecute those who brainwashed Ayub and recruited him in Switzerland ?

AMAJ: We did not and we will not, because you know al-shabab is a foreign backed terrorist organisation and you never know which is which ? And above all, why should we ask them for justice? my brother was recruited in their country, and I don’t believe that they are unable to contain those recruiters on their soil, and we know that they were well informed about the case.

Fartun Sharif

Hanahr News Desk


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