Somalia: Human Rights Situation in Kismayo aka Small North Korea

Sheikh Ahmed Madoobe Walking with Abdi Iley (the jailed ex-president of the Somali region in Ethiopia) in Jigjiga, Ethiopia

Kismayo is a small sea-side town that falls south of Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital city. The city is administered by the last remaining warlord who founded and fought for alshabab (Sheikh Ahmed Islam aka Ahmed Madoobe), the city is quite, people fear to talk to strangers or even to reporters, reporters themselves don’t dare to report about the situation in Kismayo while being in side Kismayo, no body is allowed to talk or report freely about the situation, a climate of fear to be arrested or killed by the secret service of Sheikh Ahmed Madobe,dominates Kimsayo.

Journalists, human rights activists and even prominent indigenous clan leaders are not allowed to express their freedom of speech, if they try to speak out, they end up being assassinated, arrested or expelled like Sultan Gacma Dheeree (The Sultan of gaaljecel clan) who was expelled and later got assassinated in Kismayo in 2018 as part of a wider purging campaign by Sheikh Ahmed Madobe to strengthen his control over Kismayo and Juba + Land and make demographic changes for his very political end by displacing hundreds of thousands of indigenous clans in Kismayo area and replacing them with his clan who are from Jigjiga, Ethiopia. The Sheikh has already brought several thousands of his clan men in Kimsayo from Ethiopia, most of the new residents are well trained military, police and Intels from Jigjiga, Ethiopia and they now represent the only power the Sheikh can relay on to control Kismayo in a way that makes people to call Kismayo as the small North Korea in Somalia.

The Sheikh’s army of terror target unprotected communities with rape and killing their elites to cause their total displacement from the region. The Sheikh is always in conflict with the federal government government based in Mogadishu.

HANAHR had to evacuate its staff from Kismayo due to threats and insecurity imposed by the Sheikh’s army of terror in order to undermine HANAHR’s human rights advocacy work for the communities in Kismayo.

The HANAHR regrets the continued support of the world bank for the Sheik by paying salaries and development projects to the Jubaland authority in Somalia through its reprsering company known as premise in Somalia led by MOHAMED YASIN JAMAC.

The world Bank pays salaries to the jubaland militia and its leaders like Sheikh axmed Madobe and Abdirashid Janan who committed crimes against humanity and war crimes as well as oppression, repression and persecution against indigenous communities in Jubaland like Gaaljecel, Cowrmale, Shiikhaal and Mareehaan clans by assassinating their traditional leaders, business men and intellectuals and carry out illegal evictions to enforce demographic changes in the region to displace indigenous clans from Kismayo, Somalia and replace them with his clan from Dhagaxbuur, Ethiopia through intimidation, assassinations, targeted killings, illegal evictions, displacements and extra judicial killings.

The whole administration in Jubaland is run by the Sheikh Ahmed Madobe’s clan like the police, military, intelligence, justice, the ports and the internal revenue apparatus.

The money paid by the world for development is used to facilitate war crimes and serious human rights violations. Therefore; HANAHR has called for the world bank development project in jubaland, Somalia to end unless otherwise the local political system accepts to become inclusive for all communities in Kismayo and all above mentioned crimes are halted.

I. Adam

HANAHR – Somalia

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