Somalia: HRDs Coalition CSHRDS Senior Members Meet with the Human Rights Minister.

Last Saturday human rights defenders from the Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders CSHRDS i.e. namely Asad Dhayow, Mohamed Abdullahi aka Shiino and Ikram Yusuf Mohamed met with the human rights minister Ms. HANIFA in her office in Mogadishu and discussed about the current human rights situation of the country and the protection of Somali HRDs who risk everything in defending and advocating for Human Rights in Somalia.

The meeting which is the first of its kind as part of a wider resilience program aimed at strengthening HRDs resilience and creating a good climate for collaboration between the CSOs and local authorities in Somalia which can substantially and positively contribute to the very survival of CSOs and HRDs in Somalia.

The HRDs resilience program will cover whole Somalia and its regions where Members of the CSHRDS are actively operating for the human rights Advocacy in order to improve the human rights situation in Somalia. Comparatively, Somalia has long way ahead to improve its human rights situation and create a good climate for tthe nonviolent human rights Advocacy work undertaken by independent HRDs like the CSHRDS.


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