Somalia: Confirmed Reports of Systematic Killings in Gedo Region.

Reports comings from Diif village in in lower juba region of Somalia confirmed by multiple sources and eye witnesses suggest that systematic killings of 3 civilians (2 men and girl) who were mainly nomads, perpetrated by the Raaskambooni militias headed-by Sheikh Ahmed Madoobe, who is the current regional leader of Somalia’s jubaland region. The harrowing event took place yesterday.

According to Nabadoon Omar Mohamed Ali (community leader in Garileey,Gedo), who spoke at the funeral confirmed the brutal killings of 2 men and a girl who was gang raped and killed by jubaland Militia in Diif, Lower in juba region. The community leader calls for the immediate accountability of the perpetrators and the immediate secession of such brutal killings of innocent civilians in the region and call up on all stakeholders to open inquiry into the brutal killings. This comes after series of brutal killings against innocent civilians in jubaland, Somalia. Experts believe that the motivation of brutal killings is purely political in order to affect demographic change for the very interest of the warlord (Shiekh Ahmed Madoobe), destabilize and  displace entire communities.

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