Somalia: (27 April, 2021) – Jubaland Police Brutality v. HRDs/WHRDs

Jubaland, Somalia is formed from the lower juba region, middle juba region and Gedo region in the most south of Somalia and borders with Ethiopia, NFD kenya, and indian ocean. Jubaland is run by the former spiritual leader of alshabab; the Raaskambooni alshabab terrorist brigade (Sheikh Ahmed Madobe aka Ahmed Islam) who is the last standing Somali warlord. The Sheikh runs jubaland with brutal force cracking down on dissidents and killing opponents using police deployed from Jigjiga, Ethiopia known as Lyu police.

The Sheikh wants to create a monarchy for him and for his clan exclusively and in order to achieve that, the Sheikh is targeting intellectuals and traditions leaders of indigenous clans and communities in juba, kismayo and uses force to displace entire communities and replace them with his clan. He does not allow any human rights NGO to operate in kismayo if it does not respect his own interests and if it is not run by his clan members.

Crack Down On Land Defenders & HRDs/WHRDs

Jubaland so called police (the lyu police miltias) unleached brutal operation to crack down Land defenders / Human rights defenders / women human rights defenders in order to prevent HRDs/WHRDs/Land defenders from exposing human rights violations taking place in kismayo, jubaland, and the latest was the police targeting HRD known (Mo) and many Land defenders including Asiya Maxamed & maariya Cabdiqaadir from Women Human Rights Action Center WHRAC in Kismayo with arbitrary arrests and attempted killings.

Impunity in Somalia and lack of action by the international community fuels serious human rights violations and emboldens perpetrators to crack down and harass human rights defenders including women human rights defenders. This requires a legal action at international level using the international available human rights mechanisms, and take such cases to the international criminal court, once Somalia ratifies the Rome Statute and joins the ICC.

Sh. Abdirahman


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