Somalia -(23.02.2021)-: Al-shabab’s Rampage Against Marginalized Communities in Lowe Shabelle Region..

Photos taken Leego, Yaaqbiri Wayne, Beledul Amiin and Goobaanle districts show the wreckage and remnants of burnt houses, cars and lorries. (23.02.2021)

Somalia – Witnesses & survivors of alshabab’s merciless terrorists’ rampant attack on the following districts of Leego, Yaaqbiri Wayne, Goobaanle, & Beledul Amiin narrate harrowing accounts of people being killed, women being raped, children being kidnapped, houses, stores & cars being burnt down to ashes, camels and other livestock being robbed and drink wells being buried by the merciless Alshabab terrorists in a reprisal carnage against civilian residents in above mentioned districts in shabele regions in Somalia in between February 18 to February 23, 2021, the carnage comes after the residents failed to hand over militia, alshabab alleges to be fighting against them.

The militia known as (macawiisley) emerged as armed civilian resistance against alshabab’s systematic rape of women, child soldier recruitment, extortion and robbery against their communities. These districts are located very close to Somalia’s biggest airport base known as Balidoogle, the airbase accommodates US, and Somali special forces as well as AMISOM peacekeepers, local residents and Somali politicians are now accusing Balidoogke army base being watching idly during Al-shabab’s rampage carnage against innocent civilians and didn’t intervene to stop al-shabab’s carnage. Prior to this bloody carnage, alshabab has reportedly cut off the internet connection to the entire southern regions in Somalia by destroying the underground viber-optic internet infrastructure.

Local reports suggest that 85,000 people, where thirty thousand of them were children, have been displaced in alshabab’s recent brutal rampage against innocent unarmed civilians. Displaced civilians reached Beledweyne, Wanle Weyn, Afgoye, and Mogadishu and most of them are just scattered along the road to those towns without access to any kind of emergency humanitarian aid or shelter from the state and the numerous aid agencies that are based in Somalia. Many questions remain unanswered about this very carnage perpetrated by al-shabab terrorists against innocent and marginalized communities in front of the so called peacekeepers in Somalia.

i. Adam


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