Somalia – (01 May 2011) Press Conference Child Soldier’s Father

The secret child soldier recruitment by alshabab operatives in the west is exposed in press conference held today by a father to one of alshabab recruited child soldiers from Zurich, Switzerland. Moalim Abdullahi Adaan is a father to Ayub Moalim Abdullahi, an alshabab child solider who was killed on 27 April 2011 in a battle with the Burundian peacekeeping contingent stationed in the ex-ministry of defense compound on the industrial main road. The young boy was recruited and brain washed by alshabab operatives in Switzerland. During the press conference, Moalim Abdullahi mentioned that a group of alshabab operatives in Switzerland, namely; Mohamud Jama, Sheikh Ahmed Hirsi, Ismail Abdullahi, Mohamed Nur Farah, have recruited his son as an alshabab child soldier and convinced him to return to Somalia in order to fight for alshabab’s alleged Jihad in Somalia.

Moalim Abdullahi at the press conference

Moalim Adbuallhi told the press that a Somali child he named as Abdukadir Abubakar who escaped the recruiters in Switzerland has exposed the recruitment of his son and alshabab operatives involved in the secret children recruitment and fund raising for alshabab. According to Moalim Abdullahi, the boy who exposed the whole recruitment story had to leave Switzerland for Sweden due to well founded fears of being targeted and posed to violence.

Moalim Abduulahi asked about whether he has safety and security concerns about his life and his family, said that he was already receiving threats through phone calls and sms to silence him. His press conference is an enormous courage but at great personal risk.

The answered question is: Why the west is waging a war on terror in Asia and Africa and not in its own territory ?

Abukar Xashara


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