Somalia: The Arbitrary Arrest of Abdalla Mumin Demonstrates System Failure

The press freedom advocate and freelance journalist Abdalla Mumin was first arrested on October 11 at Mogadishu International airport, His detention drew local and international condemnations. Abdalle Ahmed Mumin is a fearless and tireless advocate for the rights of Somali journalists to report the news freely and independently.

Abdalla Mumin, Human Rights Journalist.

The arbitrary arrests of Abdalla Mumin was a reprisal against him personally because of his human rights campaign for the freedom of the press in Somalia. The governmental system has been used by individuals to take reprisal actions against the human rights journalist,  as Abdalla Mumin stressed many times in different occasions.

Abdalla Mumin was detained in different locations in Mogadishu during his arrest and he narrated what he saw in the different prisons where he was kept. Abdalla reported that there are many secret prisons in Mogadishu run by the Somalia National Intelligence Agency NISA, where inmates from different ages (12 – 70 years old) are kept secretly without access to fair trial for years and are systematically tortured and raped.

Abdalla’s arbitrary was both disadvantage and advantage, in the virtue of his arbitrary arrests, Abdalla Mumin saw all those secret prisons including, the notorious one known as (Godka Jilicow) where gross human rights violations are taking place against inmates without public awareness.

Finally, is Somalia government ready to improve and respect human rights and the rule of law in it secret prison regimes ? and respect the dignity and human rights of its detainees ?

– Abdalla Mumin narrates and reports


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