Mogadishu: Breaking News ! The Renown Journalist (Abdiaziz Africa) is Assassinated by a Suicide Bomber.

The renown investigative broadcaster and the incumbent Radio Mogadishu director (Abdiaziz M. aka Africa) is killed by a suicide bomber who targeted his car last night (20/11/2021) during evening time in Biindheeree District, Mogadishu, near the tomb of the unknown soldier; best known as (Dal Jirka Daahsoon) according to eyewitnesses on spot who spoke to HANAHR.

Officials from the Ministry of Information have confirmed to the local media the death of Radio Mogadishu director Abdiaziz Afrika, and the director of the National Television, Sharmarke Mohamed Warsame, who was seriously injured.
Abdiaziz died from his injuries from the suicide bomb attack Boondheere district. Journalist Abdiaziz has been in the media industry for a long time, working for both the independent and state media and is currently the director of radio Mogadishu. Abdiaziz has received a refugee status from Belgium and had permit residence in Belgium where he often travelled to.

The investigative journalist (Abdiaziz) has produced series of investigative reports known as (Gungaar) where he shed the light of Alshabab crimes and violations of human rights. In his program, he interviewed alshabab detainees in government detention facilities waiting for military court proceedings as part of Gungaar investigative reports.

Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab confirmed the blast was a suicide bombing by a member of the group. Al-Shabaab’s statement said, “Abdiaziz Afrika has been wanted by the Mujahideen for some time, on several counts of committing crimes in Islam, and being involved in the killing of Mujahideen men.”

The statement added that al-Shabaab had retaliated against members of the group e.g. the Somali government, who they said was “involved” in their killings, including Hassan Hanafi Haji. Hassan Hanafi was executed by a Somali military court on April 11, 2016, after being found guilty of involvement in the long-running killings of journalists in Mogadishu during his time with al-Shabaab.

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