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Somalia: Migration and HIV AIDS

17.8.2017- The cross migration in east African nations has a great influence how HIV AIDS prevails in Somalia as IRIN report of 2006 showed, yet the situation remains the same due improvement of security in some border crossing towns of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, the recent security improvements have risen the risk of HIV AIDS prevalence in Somalia due to ...

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Somalia: HIV AIDS v. Cultural Norms

12.07.2016- In Somalia HIV AIDS is a silent terror amongst the Somali communities because any one with the disease should have to fear to confess that he or she is HIV AIDS positive due to the stigma and shame associated with the disease.

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The World Human Rights Defenders summit of 2018  will soon take place  in Paris with 150 delegates from around the world. HANAHR as a voice for human rights in the Horn Afrik nation will send a renown human defender (S. ABDI) a femainst, Women`s human rights defender both in Somalia, and in the Somali region of Ethiopia Known as zone ...

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