About Us

Horn Afrik News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) was established in late 2011, due to the necessity of a better and robust human rights advocacy, and the dire need to unify human rights defenders’ voices in the horn of africa region and beyond.

HANAHR is founded by award winning (indigenous) Human rights defenders (HRDs) e.g. lawyers, journalists and human rights activists in horn of Africa region whose purpose is to better advocate and defend human rights. We are a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization. HANAHR is a network of Women Human Rights Defenders in the Horn of Africa HOA region.

Our Vision

Defending and advancing human rights for all in general and for HRDs in particular. Fostering a community that cherishes human rights as part of their cultural principles and the rule of law, and working towards peace and stability in the region, in order to bring a positive change in the horn of Africa (HOA) region and beyond.

Our Mission

  • Horn News Agency for Human Rights (HANAHR) Promotes, defends & advocates for Human Rights with women & children as top priority and other vulnerable groups, thereby, working with relevant stakeholders to promote, protect, observe and advocate for human rights for all through the rule of law.
  • HANAHR protects HRDs.
  • HANAHR is committed to document and expose human rights violations in the HOA region and beyond.
  • HANAHR monitors and raises awareness on issues regarding human rights e.g. injustice inflicted on the general public and human rights defenders.
  • HANAHR spreads human rights education.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency & Integrity.
  • Objectivity.
  • Responsibility & Accountability.
  • Practicing Human Rights Culture.
  • Neutrality and Fairness.
  • Exercising Professional & Ethical Code of   Conduct.
  • Commitment to Justice, Dignity, Equality and Solicitude.
  • Zero tolerance to discrimination
  • Zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation and abuse by all staff, volunteers and consultants, partners, beneficiaries and community members.


We work with local and international & non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations/institutions and all human rights stake holders.