12.5.2018 – Libya Migrant Crisis: Impunity for Human Traffickers in the EU

Migrants taken hostage in one of Libya detention run by criminals

2011 witnessed the begining of the popualr Arab spring which led to the death of Libya`s president Muammer Alghadafi, and the total destruction of Libya`s governmental institutions. Simulteniously Syria`s civil war commenced as a result of a continued demonstraions, and civil unrest.

This led to the displacement of millions of refugees internally, and externally, which made Libya  very inviting and attractive to the refugees who wanted to escape wars and reach Europe.

The influx of refugees and migrants from Libya into Europe suddenly attracted the world`s attention and made the headlines across the world with two main players on display; the EU authorities and well organised human traffickers who found the migrant crisis very lucrative for many reasons e.g. smuggling one migrant all the way to Europe via Libya brings an amout of money (8000USD), and harvesting human organ of a migrant brings and amount of money (80,000USD) according to a Somalian and Ertrean migrants who requested to remain anonymous and who spoke to our reporters who conducted research and discovered a well organised human traffickers in side Europe who perpetrate human trafficking, and harvesting human organs of the migrants in Libyan migrant camps ran by criminal gangs where women are raped, and tortured. The report found the names of the following human traffickers in Europe who are well connected to Libyan criminal gangs  e.g. Salah al-Maskhout who was killed with eight other men in Tripoli when a group of armed men confronted him after he left relatives’ home. According to the Libya Herald, all the attackers survived. The names of the human traffickers, country of residence and country of origin and some telphone numbers they have been using during their crimes are:

1-Maxamed Firin lives in Autria, Innsbruck/From Somalia/ and here is a link to his facbook address:https://www.facebook.com/fiirrin

2-Ismaaciil Toyota lives in Austria, Vienna/From Somalia

3-Nima Mahamed Nuur lives in Austria, Innsbruck/From Somaliland, Hargaysa

The above mentioned human traffickers brutally perpetrated organized crimes e.g. Human Trafficking with the purpose to kill and harvest human organs, enforced disappearances, torture, and rape in order to finance other crimes “an endless cycle of crimes” In addition to all of that, the human traffickers boldly advertise for human trafficking on their facebook pages, and give their telephone contacts for any one who wants to be trafficked.

The victims who were interviewed by our reporters demanded to remain anonymous in order to protect themselves and their families from the reprisals of the human traffickers whom they say “they are connected to Al-shabab (UGUS)”

. The open question is; how the EU countries where the rule of law prevails, can allow these human traffickers to openly conduct human trafficking and give notices on their facebook pages in the EU and at same time enjoy impunity  ?

While their victims are left alone and without any help, but the victims refuse to be silent and remain defiant and want their voices to be heard via media platforms.

by – A. H. Mo.

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